• Mental Health Clinicians (Part-Time) 
  • Youth Development Program Coordinator (Full-time)
  • Program Administrator (Full-time)

Mental Health Clinicians (Part-Time)

Crittenton Services of Greater Washington (Crittenton) is recruiting multiple part-time consultants to deliver a total of twenty hours of individual or group therapy per week and supervise up to two interns per semester. The clients will be predominately Black, Latina, and Asian teen girls with presenting problems such as anxiety, depression, relationship problems, and emotion management. They will be participants in Crittenton programs at more than twenty middle and high schools in Montgomery County, MD (Burtonsville, Clarksburg, Gaithersburg, Germantown, and Silver Spring), and Washington, DC (Wards 5, 7, and 8).

The position requires the following:

  • A master’s degree in social work or counseling or a doctoral degree in psychology
  • A Maryland and/or DC clinical license
  • A proven track record in assessment, individual and group counseling, and crisis response
  • At least two years of experience working with teen girls of color
  • Delivery of virtual or in-person sessions at times and on days that are convenient for clients
  • Experience delivering virtual sessions and utilizing therapy practice management software, such as TheraNest
  • Ability to multi-task, take initiative, and be both flexible and persistent
  • A commitment to Crittenton’s core values


  • Deliver weekly Cognitive Behavioral Therapy sessions to individuals or groups, using TheraNest Practice Management Software for any virtual sessions
  • When necessary, provide and coordinate mental health crisis intervention services
  • Maintain accurate documentation in individual client case files, including treatment plans, progress notes, and summaries in compliance with HIPPA regulations
  • Provide one hour of weekly supervision per week for any assigned interns, including case consultation, diagnostic and treatment plan review, feedback, and approval in TheraNest; countersign interns’ records
  • Adhere to the ethical principles as defined by your field’s code of ethics and/or licensure board


  • Maintain accurate documentation in individual client case files and group charts, including treatment plans and progress notes, in compliance with HIPPA regulations
  • Contribute data for monthly, quarterly, and/or annual reports for grant funders and evaluation
  • Work with the evaluation team to ensure effective program evaluation and use resulting insights to improve mental health services delivery


  • Demonstrated experience delivering evidence-based mental health services, including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Demonstrated cultural competency and experience working with diverse clients
  • Willingness to stay updated on new treatments, protocols, and licensure requirements within the field
  • Empathy, understanding, and profound commitment to the girls Crittenton serves
  • Demonstrated excellent written and oral communication skills
  • Demonstrated excellent interpersonal communication skills with the ability to listen actively
  • Ability to work both independently and as a team member using a participatory approach
  • Ability to utilize technology for program delivery, evaluation, and communication
  • Strong relationship-building and record-keeping skills


  • Master’s degree in social work or counseling or a doctoral degree in psychology
  • Hold a Maryland or DC license, having met all state licensure requirements at an advanced or independent clinical level
  • Minimum of two years of experience post-licensure


Please send an email to that summarizes your:

  • Experience working with and delivering therapy to teen girls of color
  • Reasons for being interested in the position
  • Days of the week and hours of availability to attend meetings, deliver therapy, and supervise interns
  • Hourly rate(s)

Also, please attach the following:

  • Your resume
  • Copy of social work, counseling, or psychology license

No phone calls, please

Youth Development Program Coordinator(s)

Crittenton Services of Greater Washington (Crittenton) seeks full-time youth development program coordinators who are energetic, experienced, and highly skilled youth development specialists to deliver positive youth development programs from September to June each school year at schools in either Washington, DC, or Montgomery County, MD.

Crittenton is a girl-led organization that is privileged to nurture and support more than 1,000 beautiful girls and young women each year. Because of the relationships we form with Crittenton girls, our work and workplace are always rewarding, frequently joyful, and sometimes challenging. We are proud that we have a richly diverse staff, program participants, and Board and that equity and inclusion are at the core of everything we do.

Primary Duties and Responsibilities:

Strong Relationships

Crittenton believes that strong relationships between program coordinators and the teen girls we serve is essential for our work as a positive youth development organization. Also important are relationships with participants’ parents and leaders and staff of the schools we serve.

Program coordinators must build and maintain the following:

  • Caring, supportive, and challenging relationships with program participants that promote their healthy development
  • Close working relationships with the assigned school contact that promote recruitment and retention and support program participants
  • Close working relationships with school administrators, nurses, counselors, teachers, and support staff to keep the school informed about program activities and build support for the program within the school
  • Relationships with parents that support attendance and retention, address student and family needs, and promote parental support for their daughter’s education

Skilled Program Delivery and Facilitation

Program coordinators must:

  • Maintain an emotional climate during weekly sessions that is predominantly safe and positive and provide program participants with opportunities to engage in active learning and actively share their ideas, experiences, and feedback
  • Maintain regular communication with program participants outside of session time to address participants’ needs and ensure program engagement, attendance, completion, and retention
  • Operationalize Crittenton’s “whole girl” approach by engaging with participants to identify their needs and refer participants and/or their families to services, including but not limited to mental health, medical care, benefits/social services, and academic support or tutoring

Scrupulous Administration

Program coordinators must:

  • Recruit, register, and retain the target number of program participants for each program group within the established timelines
  • Compile and submit accurate program records by the established deadlines
  • Adhere to the approved program budget and procurement procedures

Required Qualifications and Core Competencies:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Social Work, Youth Development, Counseling, Public Health, Education, or other relevant fields
  • Demonstrated ability to recruit participants and deliver programs for middle and high school girls in group settings
  • Minimum two years of direct service experience with youth
  • Demonstrated ability to deliver content on reproductive health, healthy relationships, and social and emotional skills
  • Demonstrated ability to speak and write cogently

Preferred Qualifications and Experience:

  • Master’s degree in Social Work, Counseling, Public Health, Education, or other relevant fields
  • Experience delivering positive youth development programs in the Greater Washington Area
  • Experience in group management and conflict resolution

Other requirements:

  • Access to reliable personal transportation
  • Proficiency in using Microsoft Office software
  • Weekend or evenings hours for field trips and/or Crittenton events
  • Commitment to Crittenton’s organizational values related to racial equity, cultural competence, and responsiveness in program delivery, community relations, and staff development

To apply:

Please send an email to with the following attachments:

  • Your resume
  • A cover letter that provides concrete examples of how your past experiences demonstrate that you have the required competencies for the position
  • A brief, work-related writing sample

No phone calls, please

Program Administrator


The Program Administrator reports to the Crittenton Program Managers, works closely with the Chief Program Officer, and serves on the Evaluation Team. S/he will be responsible for maintaining the registration database, maintaining program-related files, supporting program evaluation, managing program-related logistics, and managing various program-related “drives” to gather material assistance for program participants. The position requires a commitment to Crittenton’s core values, a sense of humor, and the ability to create a caring and safe environment for program participants while maintaining professional boundaries, multi-tasking in a fast-paced environment, taking the initiative, and being both flexible and persistent. Demonstrable strong skills using Microsoft and Google Forms, Google Sheets, Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft SharePoint are a MUST.



School Year Start-up

  • Create customized permission forms for students and parents using Permission Monitor receipt of responses.
  • Use the template to create rosters for each program Monitor rosters to ensure that no names are added before receipt of both students’ registration forms and parents’ permission forms.
  • Reconcile registration and permission forms to ensure that we have both forms for all participants who are 18 or younger.
  • Create a spreadsheet in Excel or a database in Access that combines registration and permission Create spreadsheets for each program leader with registration and permission data for their groups.
  • Gather, scan, and file registration forms for all program
  • Create a file for each program File copies of registration and permission forms and all sign-in sheets throughout the school year.
  • Gather, scan, and file agreements with program
  • Review registration and permission data for accuracy and completeness as it is Provide each program leader with a summary of missing data and track receipt of that data.
  • As missing data is received, complete a “cleaning” of the combined registration and permission data by November 30th each year.
  • Set up Chromebooks for any new program team


Weekly record-keeping

  • Gather, scan, and file weekly sign-in sheets, field trip requests from program leaders, permission slips, and sign-in sheets for any out-of-school-time activities.
  • File all program-related correspondence by program

Monthly reporting

  • By the 10th of each month, update the Program Data Tracking Form using data from the group rosters, weekly implementation report forms, special report forms, data reports from the evaluator, and other sources, as Email the completed form to the program manager by COB.

Logistical support

  • Create a program calendar in SharePoint with all items in the Program Calendar and other important dates on the Crittenton Maintain the calendar and share updates and reminders with team members throughout the year.
  • Coordinate transportation for out-of-school-time enrichment activities, including the annual Leadership Academy and High Tea.
  • Maintain an inventory of and order supplies needed for weekly sessions, pretest and posttest administration, the Leadership Academy, and various “drives.”

Program Evaluation and Reporting

  • Use the program plan and rosters to develop a plan for distributing Chromebooks and wifi hot spots for pretests and posttests.
  • Set up and deliver Chromebooks for pretests and posttests, as needed
  • Assist with administering pretests and posttests, as
  • Assist in preparing all data for transfer to the independent evaluator


Other duties as assigned



  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience
  • Extensive training and demonstrable ability using Microsoft and Google Forms, Google Sheets, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, and SharePoint
  • Administrative support or other office experience
  • Must be extremely well-organized, have strong time management skills, and be able to demonstrate top-notch attention to detail
  • Must have reliable personal transportation
  • Demonstrated ability to speak and write cogently



  • Experience working for a small nonprofit
  • Experience providing administrative support to a team
  • Experience managing logistics and procurement
  • A deep interest in the healthy development of teen girls
  • Commitment to Crittenton organizational values related to cultural competence and responsiveness in program delivery, community relations, and staff development



Crittenton’s hours of operation are from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday to Friday. The Program Administrator will work a hybrid schedule, with onsite work for the first 60 days during our hours of operation at our Silver Spring headquarters. Infrequent travel to schools and other program sites is expected. S/he will occasionally work Saturdays or other non-office hours to assist with out-of-school activities. This position is exempt from the Fair Labor Standards Act.



Salary range: $50,000 to $60,000

Crittenton is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Salary will be negotiated, based upon experience and qualifications.



Please send an email to jobs@crottemtpnservices/org with the following attachments:

  • Your resume
  • A cover letter that provides actual examples of how your past experiences demonstrate that you have the competencies that are required for the position

Eligible applicants will be required to complete tests using Google and Microsoft programs.

No phone calls, please.