Solving Crises Before They Become Catastrophes

The Crittenton Cupboard Campaign stocks our virtual pantry with basic necessities and emergency funding to help our girls and their families when they need it most. This past year we learned how vital this emergency fund was in preventing crises from turning into catastrophes.

Crittenton Cupboard Campaign Committee

Natali Fani-Gonzalez, Chair, Vice Chair, Montgomery County Planning Board

Mozella Ademiluyi, CEO, Mountain Peak Strategies,Executive Leadership & Development Training

Kimberly Bassett, Secretary of the District of Columbia, Crittenton Leadership Honoree

Stacee Crittenden, Senior Financial Advisor, Merrill Lynch Wealth Management

Dr. Charlotte Farmer, Director, Center of Programs and Technology Operations, MITRE, Former Chair, Crittenton Services of Greater Washington, BoD

Jennifer Porter, Executive Director, Mayor’s Office on Women’s Policy and Initiatives, Washington, DC

Carolyn Shackelford, Community Volunteer

Ruth Swanson, Former Member, Crittenton Services of Greater Washington BoD

We are looking for 40 people to donate $125* each to fill the Crittenton Cupboard with $5,000 to help our girls and their families meet immediate needs—and/or to tide them over while we connect them to other resources. With your help, our girls can get on with the important business of growing into the healthy, confident, and self-possessed young women they’re meant to be.

Our girls have been impacted in so many ways during the pandemic – loss of work, family members, school and housing. The interim support the Crittenton Cupboard provides, and the referrals we make, have allowed us to prevent an immediate crisis from becoming a permanent problem.” 

Siobhan Davenport, Crittenton CEO & President


Too often Crittenton Girls have challenges participating in the programs they need and love because one small problem holds them back. 98% of Crittenton girls live in economically challenged communities and, over the years, when their families have needed it most, we’ve stepped in. We’ve provided computers for school, a safe ride home, feminine products, diapers and school uniforms. And, especially this past year, we’ve paid for groceries, car repairs, and in rare cases, helped with rent.

We haven’t spoken publicly about this part of our work. For decades, the prevailing theory has been that programming—not cash—is what best serves people in crisis. Now, a growing body of evidence is showing what Crittenton has known all along: what people living in poor communities most need in a crisis is money for essential needs. For our families, direct financial support from Crittenton has kept unanticipated financial hardships from snowballing into insurmountable challenges.

We don’t know what our families’ future needs will be. But having a full pantry will allow us to support our girls and their families when they face tough times ahead.

*$125 is the annual cost of feminine products for one girl—the necessities our girls need the most. 

Make a gift and become part of the Cupboard Campaign.

Contact Ruth Swanson at for more information.