Solving Crises Before They Become Catastrophes

The Crittenton Cupboard is our virtual pantry, stocked with basic necessities and emergency funding to help our girls and their families when they need it most.

98% of Crittenton girls live in economically challenged communities. Over the years, when they had nowhere else to turn, we’ve stepped in, providing computers for school, safe rides home, groceries, feminine products, and school uniforms, among other essential supplies.

We’re also one of the first places our girls’ families turn when they’re in crisis. They know we can help them access much-needed public programs and services. And when the need has been urgent—or didn’t fall within the scope of any agency—Crittenton dug into its modest budget to find the funds for everything from physical therapy to car repairs.

These days, tight budgets at home are being squeezed more than ever. Thanks to our generous donors, Crittenton and the Cupboard will be there, helping to ensure unanticipated financial hardships don’t snowball into insurmountable challenges for our girls and their families.

“This past year, Crittenton was able to grant all the emergency funding requests that came in,” says Crittenton Board Chair LaTara Harris. “From a management perspective, the Cupboard has made us more efficient, more effective, and better prepared for the unexpected. From the perspective of our girls and their families, the Cupboard has been a lifeline that helped them through some of their darkest times and greatest challenges.”

LaTara Harris, Crittenton Board Chair 

GOAL: $15,000

STATUS: $25,658

Thanks to the more than 80 people who participated!


who went above and beyond on behalf of the more than 800 black and brown teen girls Crittenton serves.

Shayna Thompson

Cupboard Chair, Director, Guidehouse; Member, Crittenton Board of Directors

Kathleen Abernathy

Former FCC Commission; Member, Crittenton Board of Directors

Mozella Ademiluyi

CEO and Founder, Mountain Peak Strategies

Laura Forman

Emerita Trustee, Round House Theatre

Stacy Fuller

SVP, Regulatory Affairs, DirecTV

Domonique James

Founder, Politics with Purpose

Paula Kowalczuk

Founding Partner, TargetSmart Communications

Katy Milner

Partner, Wiley Law

Aaron Myers

Interim President & CEO, Crittenton Services of Greater Washington

Ruth Swanson

Principle, 3 Star Development Solutions

Caroline Van Wie

Vice President, Federal Regulatory, AT&T

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