Crittenton serves teen girls


SNEAKERS is a program for girls navigating the challenges and choices of the 8th to 12th grades. 

SNEAKERS empowers seventh to twelfth-grade girls to navigate the choices and challenges of adolescence. It teaches girls about healthy relationships with their peers, dating partners, and parents; positive communication; reproductive health and pregnancy prevention; “adulting” skills; and postsecondary education and career options. It also enables them to acquire and use skills essential for college readiness and personal success.

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PEARLS is a positive youth development program for young women who are pregnant or parenting. 

PEARLS enables pregnant and parenting high school students to succeed as students and parents. It offers teen parents a support system as they learn how to balance the competing responsibilities of parenthood and education. Through PEARLS, pregnant and parenting teens learn about healthy pregnancy, labor, and delivery; managing stress; infant and child development, positive parenting skills and discipline strategies; child care and safety; healthy relationships, co-parenting, and positive communications; reproductive health; and postsecondary education and careers.

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Goal Setting Girls is a 28-week curriculum that focuses on social and emotional learning for sixth and seventh-grade girls from lower income families. 

Goal Setting Girls strengthens the social and emotional skills that middle school girls need to succeed in school and as first-generation college students. It uses goal setting as an entry point to deliver an evidence-based social and emotional development curriculum. It also uses project-based learning to introduce STEM careers, connects participants to academic support, and engages parents to strengthen their ability to support their daughters’ education.

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Declare Equity for Girls: Its Time!

Crittenton Services of Greater Washington’s new report gives voice to teen girls and shares local, regional, and national data on the challenges teen girls face today.

“This report verifies what educators across the country have seen with our own eyes. Our girls who live in challenging circumstances need us to stand up for them! The obstacles of poverty, racism, lack of health care and housing can affect their lives forever. Equity in educational access and opportunity is a justice issue. Educators are thankful to Crittenton for this important report.”

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