A Vision to See Entire Communities Help Raise Kids: A Podcast

Siobhan shared her “bold and brave vision” for a future in which the community – from neighbors, to businesses, to schools, and churches – are wrapped around the youth to help raise them up into adulthood for a thriving future.
Listen in as Siobhan and host Amanda Bocik discuss:

  • The mission of Crittenton Services and the important programs they are providing for young girls
  • How Siobhan’s upbringing impacted her and led her to where she is today
  • The devastating impact of COVID-19 on young, underserved girls
  • What adultification bias is and how to be aware of it
  • How the Crittenton team pivoted to serve the girls in their community through the pandemic
  • Her advice for building relationships with teens in your community
  • The importance of the whole community for raising kids
  • And more!

Hear the full Podcast, here.